What kind of a place is Hokkaido?

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Hokkaido is a place on the northern most part of Japan. Here one can savor the rich beauty of nature through various activities like viewing of lovely cherry blossoms during spring, fun outdoor activities on summer, witnessing the graceful colors of the foliage over autumn and most especially extremely fun winter-sports like skiing and snowboarding on magnanimous amounts of snow during the winter season. Each season brings majestic natural pleasures, scenaries and activities all year-round for all people of all ages from both Japan and foreign countries. Its abundance with a variety of natural resources makes Hokkaido one of the largest suppliers of food all over the country and some places abroad. Its main produce includes of the freshest seafood and vegetables, naturally grown and harvested from the rich and vast lands over the non-urban areas of Hokkaido. This is one of the main reasons why the number of tourists that come to visit Hokkaido, increased for more than 1.5 million people during the recent years.

What's at the central area of Hokkaido?

the central area of Hokkaido

The Central area of Hokkaido, including the international city of Sapporo, has a population of 190 million and is also known to house the largest airport in Hokkaido- the New Chitose Airport and the historical-canal city of Otaru. The area plays the central role of Hokkaido's economy, traffic and gateway of tourism. Despite being at the center of the Hokkaido island, you can still enjoy plenty of amazing spots like the town of Sorachi that has a rich history in coal mining, the infamous ski areas of Niseko, relaxing hot springs over at Noboribetsu and wonderful scenic views from the top of mount Yotei, Showa Shinzan and Lake Toya. An excellent harmony of both nature and pioneering history at its best.

What's at the southern area of Hokkaido?

the southern area of Hokkaido

The southern part of hokkaido was the first to be populated by the native ethnic group of Japan called the "Wajins". Hakodate is the southernmost part of Hokkaido. This is where significant historical events, such as the trade between the Mainland Japan and the northernmost point the Matsumae castle, took place during ancient times. Not only does the city have such a historical background, it also has stunning night views, remarkable natural landscapes(the Onuma Park and Mt. Esan) and suitable climate for outdoor activities such as canoeing, mountain climbing and horseback riding.

What's at the eastern area of Hokkaido?

the eastern area of Hokkaido

The eastern part is the most primitive and unscathed lands of Hokkaido. Occurences such as the drifting of ice along the sea of Okhotsk during winter and the forest at the Shiretoko Peninsula, which no person is permitted to enter due to its ecosystem, are natural mysteries that are preserved and kept as is up-to-date. Wild birds, such as cranes, inhabit Japan's largest wetlands at the Kushiro area along with more bountiful undomesticated forests and terrains. One of which is the "Lake Mashu", a caldera lake, in Akan National Park. The lake is known for its clear and deep blue waters, "Mashu Blue" and is greatly appreciated by many for its overwhelming beauty.

What's at the northern area of Hokkaido?

the northern area of Hokkaido

The northern region is the coldest part of Hokkaido. The area is similar to the north pole and houses a reindeer farm and the largest dog sled race in Japan. From Japan's northern point, the Souya Misaki(Cape Soya) you can see the silhouettes of the Sakhalin and Rebun Islands and the "floating flower island" or Rishiri Fuji. The surreal scenery of lush lavender fields at the areas of Furano and Bie, and the picturesque views from the top of the Tomamu resort are definitely the places to travel and experience the captivating beauty of Hokkaido.

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